Rachael Mercer


I grew up in a small town called Riversdale which is situated just outside of Gore. 

My Mum & Dad were founding members of the Gore Country Music Club who are celebrating their 50th Jubilee this year. 

I have fond memories of growing up with some of the most well-known families within the club – some who have gone on to become international artists. 

All of us kids would go into another room while the adults were having their monthly meeting – guitars in hand and sing till our hearts were content.  There would often be a knock on the door followed by a “keep the noise down please” to which we would all giggle and then carry on. 

When you have music in your soul it’s hard not to express it.

 As an adult I live with my family in Wallacetown Southland.

With no formal qualifications, I am proud to still have the letters M.U.M & W.I.F.E at the end of my name.

I have a husband and two great kids. 

I have been employed at Fonterra Edendale for the last 21 years and am an active committee member at the Makarewa Squash Club. 

Alongside Country Music I enjoy camping in our caravan, reading and can confess to being a DIY junkie.  

I am so privileged to share my love of music with others, and have been lucky enough to hold the 40+ NZ Gold Guitar Overall Winner from 2021, and the 40+ Country Music Dunedin Awards Overall Winner from 2020.